Question2Answer Solutions
We Provide Result-Oriented & Affordability Solutions for your Question & Answer Community. If you need any Costume Designed Themes, Q2A Installation or if you have a request for Q2A Plugin Development feel free to contact us.

Question2Answer(or Q2A) is a free and open source content management system to create Question & Answer communities like StackOverflow or Yahoo Answers. users can easily ask their questions and get answers from others or engage in questions by answering other questions. Q2A provides high social engagement with comments, voting,following questions, tags and categories, users, and has a powerful points-based reputation system.

with Question2Answer you can choose from a wide range of Free Themes and Plugins. to see the full list of themes, plugins, and languages that are created for Q2A visit Add-On page.

not only Question2Answer has all features that you need to build a fully functioning Q&A site, but it can also be integrated with other content management systems such as WordPress to use it's user database and work as a part of it. imaging how you can use WordPress to have blogging, shop, social site on your web site and you can also add a fully functioning Q&A Community to it.

Question2Answer Features


Question2Answer is optimized to provide highest speed and load time. it's also scalable to handle millions of users and posts.


Q2A is safe from hackers, by protecting your site against SQL injection, XSS, CSRF attacks.


Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to configure, and at the same time very powerful.

User Engagment

Users can Ask, Answer, Comment, Vote, and Follow other users, categories, tags and questions.

Reputation Managment

Q2A offers a solid Point-Based Reputation management system & Badges, inviting users to have more activity.

User Management

Build in User Levels, User management and Profiles, notification and privet messages, social login, ....

SEO Ready

Q2A is optimized to gain high search engine ranking and traffic as a builded-in feature.


Question2Answer is created to handle any number of users and their activity.

Open Source

Question2Answer is Free and open source under GPL v2 with an active community

Themes & Plugins

Q2A already has a handful of free and premium themes and plugins.


Q2A can be integrated with any other web platform and work as a part of it. it's also ready to easy WP integration.

It’s The Best

Question2Answer is your best option, it is #1 platform to create Q&A websites.