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URL Customizer Plugin

Q2A URL Customizer Plugin is a free Question2Answer plugin which provides more control over your question URL's and gives options to improve your SEO. this plugin can clean your question URL's to only include important keywords and capitalize them.


  • Remove common words in your language and make question URL shorter and with more keywords
  • A list of common English words is already included in plugin
  • Add any number of words to remove them from URL
  • Upper Case first word, all words or whole URL


  1. Download plugin: get zip file.
  2. Extract 'q2a-url-customizer' from compressed file.
  3. upload the directory inside your Question2Answer site's '\qa-plugin' directory.
  4. in "Admin > Plugins", open this plugin's options, enable settings that you prefer and save it.


  • Will customizing URLs damage my SEO?

    No, it doesn't matter what you're old URL for questions was, it will always be targeted at questions ID. so changing it or extending filter list won't effect your SEO.

  • How Does this plugin help my SEO?

    1. It remove common words from URLs, so you will have more keywords in URL. 2. When other sites link to questions, keywords will be a part of their link. 3. Search Engines like short URLs.

  • How can I remove this plugin?

    Just remove it's directory in '\qa-plugins'. it will only change how your internal questions links show up, so it can't have a negative effect on your site.

  • How can I get support?

    in our support forum, start a new threat under plugins section. or submit a ticket at Github.