Q2A Ultimate Widgets

All the best widgets, all in one place. Ultimate Widgets Plugin is a pack of over 30 most useful widgets for any Question&Answer community; and with Extra Features.


Unique Features

Ultimate Widgets provides a variety of new features such as:
  • Extra Filters: Display widget based on device, visitor or registered user, and user level
  • Cache: Speedup page load with fast transient caching
  • Styling selector: you can choose widget's default styling while adding it
  • Individual widget options: Instead of using a plugin options set up it's option while adding it

Brand New Widgets

  • Trending Topics
  • WordPress Login Form
  • Q2A Login Form
  • RSS Feed
  • Ask Form
  • Search Form
  • Post Activity Charts
  • General Site Stat Charts
  • Accessibility Widget
  • PHP Code Executor
  • MailChimp Newsletter Subscription


Question List Widgets

  • Activity List
  • Recent Questions
  • Hot Questions
  • Most Answered Questions
  • Most Viewed Questions
  • Most Voted Questions
  • Random Post
  • Tabbed List
  • Questions from people I follow
  • Reminder to choose best answer
  • Category Posts: Questions from same category as the opened question


Static Content

  • Alert widgets
  • Text & HTML
  • Image with optional link
  • Button with Pop Up modal window
  • Social Media Links and Icons
  • Video(Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Soundcloud Widget
  • Random Content: Randomly open one of the contents