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All you need to make your site rank higher and get more traffic

Link Optimizations

Change all relations in internal links in post content "DoFollow" and don't loose internal backlinks

External Link Relations

Allow your other sites or blogs to benefit from backlinks to them by making them "DoFollow"

Page Accessibility

Restrict search engines from indexing or following certain pages

Post Accessibility

Restrict search engines from indexing pages with short content length

Answer for MetaTags

Description meta tag can be imported from most voted answer or chosen answer

MetaTags Editor

Title and Description Meta Tags Editor for question pages

Social Media Meta Tags

Meta Tags Creator and Editor for FaceBook, Google Scheme, and Twitter Cards

Tag Optimiaztion

Question tags can have link title, icon, and page description for each individual tags

Optimizing Categories

Add title attribute to category links and list of category items

Category Descriptions

Add option to add description for categories and Add canonical links to prevent duplicate content

Sitemap Networks

Split sitemap to smaller pieces to make it more accessible, an essential need for large sites

User Profiles Sitemap

Sitemap to list all your users and make the user profiles more visible to search engines

Extended Sitemaps

Sitemaps for tags and categories, will make questions lists for keywords more prominent

Shorter URLs

Shorter URLs are easier to on the eye and easier to share!

Better Backlinks

With less common words,  Backlinks will have more impact on your SEO

Cleanup List

The plugin comes with a prepared list for URL cleanup, with Q&A niche in mind

Edit Wordlist

Easily add or remove words from URL Cleanup list, or create your own list

Case Sensitivity

Upper Case first letter, all first letters of words, or the whole URL of a question page

Tags Case Sensitivity

URL of "Tags" can be Upper Case for first letter, all first letters of words, or the whole tag


  1. Download plugin
  2. Extract 'q2a-ultimate-seo' from compressed file.
  3. upload the directory inside your Question2Answer site's '\qa-plugin' directory.
  4. in "Admin > Ultimate SEO", set all settings that you prefer and save it.


  • How can I get best results with Ultimate SEO Plugin

    Enable "Recommended Fields" in plugin options. always add title and description to important tags. and if you are using your Q2A site for anything but a general Q&A site, it'll be a good idea to consult a Pro.

  • How does this plugin optimize my site's SEO?

    It creates a better sitemap, improves your tags and categories, adds meta tags and sharing meta for important social sites, improves internal linking and prevents search engine access to undesirable pages.

  • Is this plugin and all it's features available for free?

    Yes, absolutely. but if you like you can hire us for to improve your site's SEO and consult you on SEO strategies.

  • How can I get support and answers about this plugin?

    you can send us all your support requests and ask your questions in our support forum. if you are a developer feel free to fork our project in Github and send issues or pull requests there!